I was born and raised in England and now live in the UK and Japan. Over the last five years I developed my latent passion for art and photography into a wholehearted commitment to being a photographic artist.

Early years

During my childhood and into adulthood I enjoyed being curious, creative and making things. This enjoyment was fostered at home and at school in a variety of ways. My father's enthusiasm for and practice as an amateur black and white photographer rubbed off on me and I was initially creating photographs of family vacations in the countryside and also to illustrate local history projects at school. This interest in photography continued into my early twenties photographing sites and scenes during hiking and camping trips in Wales and in the South of England. I also enjoyed art at school and making things out of wood such as sculptures and furniture. My interest and activities in art and photography continued beyond my early years as I was developing a career, by visiting art museums and exhibitions at home and abroad. 

Marriage and Career

On completion of my doctorate in the sciences I started a career in industrial R&D and married the love of my life. As my wife and i built our home together and raised our daughter we bought art to decorate our home and I continued to photograph family events and holidays.

My career evolved into one in academia and through a combination of circumstances led to the opportunity to live life with much more freedom of choice. That is to retire early, pursue latent passions, and live both in the UK and in my wife's home country Japan.

Becoming an Artist

I started out with an entry level DSLR camera and by attending a variety of workshops initially focused on developing  the technical and operational aspects of my camera craft. My photography subjects were varied including flowers, architecture, landscapes, wildlife, animals and people. Satisfaction with what I was creating at this time was hard to come by and I embarked on a quest to get better technically and artistically. Moving from shooting in the JPEG format to RAW and learning about how to develop my image files in software applications such as Canon's DPP, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom enabled a leap in my abilities to occasionally create photographs I felt were comparable to those seen in photography magazines or websites. 

I soon realised that I was particularly drawn to landscapes and wildlife through attending professional photographer led workshops in the UK, Japan, Iceland and latterly in the American South West. An important supplement to fine art photography workshops has been and continues to be reading widely and online education. Taking a variety of online courses in art history and art appreciation, photo-artistry, composition, vision and personal style development, advanced image processing and printing have helped advance my capabilities. And I continue to visit art exhibitions with a more educated eye. 

The first few years of my photography journey my photographs were largely documentary in style with an emphasis on enhancing the image captured in an attempt to convey the feelings I experienced at the time of taking the photograph. I felt however something was missing and it wasn't until I encountered the teaching of fine art photographer Alain Briot and that of Sebastian Michaels that I appreciated  the extent of artistic freedom that digital photography has to offer in expressing ideas and emotions. Also I realised that I needed to change the way I thought about photography and performed it; I needed to tap into my own creative capabilities and produce artwork that was truly mine, unique to me and personally fulfilling. 

My personal breakthrough in this regard occurred when I was able to connect the dots as it were between my sources of inspiration, understanding of digital photography processing and past art movements and practices.

My inspiration originates from being  in other worldly landscapes where my spirit resonates and I feel at peace. In particular, over the last few years this has come from being in the deserts, canyons and among rock formations of the American South West.

The feelings I experience there often overwhelm me and it is through creating my artwork that I feel able to communicate my emotional response and imaginings. My artistic sensibilities  are very much influenced by artists of various art movements such as Fauvism, Pop art and by Japanese wood block and screen print artists.

My photographic techniques are based on an adaptation of serigraphy (screen printing) with Fauvist and Japanese wood block print artist colour sensibilities to the digital manipulation of my original images, created in the landscape. The result of this confluence of influences and practices is exemplified by my first portfolio entitled "Landscape Colour Sensations of the American South West"

Being an Artist

My first public exhibition of my artwork was at the 'Au Ballon Rouge" in Kobe, Japan, 6th February - 10th February 2018. This event marks the start of my artistic career, and I look forward to creating and sharing new work in the near future.