Artist Statement

I enjoy immensely creating art via the medium of digital photography. It provides me with the opportunity to share new visual experiences, feelings and thoughts from the inspiration I get from being in nature and otherworldly landscapes. My goal is to create digital art that is colourful and expresses a variety of feelings inspired by familiar and not so familiar  landscape scenes.

My colour sensibilities have been influenced by various Western art movements and in particular Fauvism and Pop Art and from Far Eastern art by  Japanese wood block and screen print artists.

I employ digital image processing techniques that share some of the features of serigraphy or silk screen printing. The innovative combination of techniques I use might be described as “Digiserigraphy” 

While capturing the best quality image with my camera that I can in the field is important it is the almost infinite freedom that digital image processing affords that enables me to satisfy my compulsion to transform my photographic images and create colourful inspired landscape art. What I create is far from documentary photography and is closer to digital photo-artistry for which high artistic quality is my aim.

It is my fervent hope that many viewers of my art will emotionally connect with it and enjoy it.